Thursday, December 18, 2003

Vote For Your Favorite!

It's the absent-minded kickball! Oh, fuck yeah! When teams don't matter from day to day, but the score still accumulates!

The aloof magazine stand is like a Jonathan Richman song. Jonathan Richman is only good to me when I'm alone: "I'm So Confused" when I'm alone and lonely, "Her Mystery, Not Of High Heels And Eye Shadow" when I'm alone and hopeful.

Blissful fake sunflowers, content in their existence, and how many people can say that? I knew a lady who could, and maybe she was a virgin.

Controlling neckties. Controlling, controlling, controlling. Necktie, necktie, necktie. Fuck it, Secret Santa.

Keep a desperate watch, waiting to see a sign that she's unhappy. Notice when she's online, but she can't see you because you've changed your screen name. Read her away message and look for clues. Is it light-hearted? That could mean someone is making her happy. Is it melancholy? That could mean someone is making her sad.

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