Saturday, February 28, 2004

A Few Reasons Why Starship Troopers Is Better Than You Think

-It does such a good job of promoting a fascist, anti-woman, 23rd Century culture, most of the people who think it's a good sci-fi action movie actually buy into the propaganda they show in the film. There is more than one comment on the IMDb message boards that state, roughly, "after watching this movie, I was ready to sign up and fight some bugs!"

-"Stray from the group" mentality is always rewarded with death. Whenever someone runs ahead or lags behind of the Mobile Infantry, they're killed or maimed by giant space-bugs.

-Talking with the enemy will lead to corruption and death--the bugs ate their brains, after all.

-The Dizzy and Rico relationship is blatantly homosexual, in spite of the fact that Dizzy is played by a woman. I haven't read the novel, but as I understand it, Dizzy's character has a penis.

-In high school the kids are taught that violence is the supreme authority and that democracy was a failure that led to social chaos--then the human forces go on to do roughly the kind of thing America is doing right now in the Middle East. They're not being subtle here, kids.

-Smart Bug=Giant Vagina.

-Doogie Howser plays a telepathic Nazi who saves the day.

-My favorite thing is that the filmmakers don't really mind if you don't get it.

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