Thursday, September 25, 2008

The New Messiah

from the So I Won't Lose It Dept....

The Beat's look at the cancellation of DC's Minx line.

...another lesson in how Comics Just Don't Get It, burying Minx comics in with the graphic novels and manga, instead of fighting to get them in with the YA titles. I can attest to the fact that Barnes & Nobles have a graphic novel section in their childrens' departments -- it's young readers stuff, to be sure, not young adult -- but this reminds of how books like ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN were supposed to reach audiences AMAZING SPIDER-MAN couldn't, but just wound up being bought by the same folks who liked Spider-Man to begin with.

More and more I'm thinking: Comics Yay, The Comics Industry Nay. But then I guess sales trends will take care of that.

(Also? The new Jenny Lewis cd is my new girlfriend.)

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