Monday, October 26, 2009

Where I'm At, Fall '09 edition

Movies I want to see:

-Paranormal Activity
-new(ish) Coen Brothers

Things I want to eat:

-Burritos. Burritos that I have not made myself.

Music I want to listen to:

-"Suedehead" is on right now, which is pretty good.
-early, skiffle Beatles.
-later, Get Back Beatles.

TV I've been watching:

-Battlestar Galactica, again. I think this is my third or fourth time through season 2.
-In Treatment, season one. We're almost done!
-Pete & Pete. I don't dig the second season so much, but the first is fantastically weird.

Things I have been thinking about:

-The End of the World, in a fictional sense.
-Choosing your own adventures.
-Echo Park.
-Writing fellowships.
-POD magazines
-Life 2

Things I have been working on:

-novel, draft 2.

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