Saturday, November 27, 2010

long-form alternate reality games

- I met Julie Powell once, briefly, in an alternate universe where I worked in public radio in California.  She said "I like your tie, oh, I like your belt, I like -- everything going on here," and she gestured to me from toe to head.  I took it to mean that I'd gotten lucky when I put my clothes together that morning, but secretly I thought it meant, "if only this person could know MORE, could know ANYTHING, she would love it ALL.  I have gotten my life together!"

- Well.  Julie Powell was very kind, accidentally and in passing that day, and I just, accidentally and passing, watched the movie based on her book Julie & Julia.  It's a neat movie, and it's all about writing!  It's about writing and changing your life by writing.  About a better future, through writing.  And most everyone in it is very charming and very attractive.  Just like life!

- It snowed this morning in Burlington, VT.  Possibly in other parts of Vermont as well, but I can't really speak to that.  It snowed quite heavily, it covered the ground and most things on the ground, and within an hour it had stopped, the sun came up, and the snow had mostly melted.  Now it's snowing again, but in a very polite fashion.  It's very pretty, but I just ... snow, I just don't trust you.  I know that you like me, but I also know that you don't think of me when you do what you do.  But it's not your responsibility to keep me in mind at all times.  So, that's okay.

- Here's what I mean about Julie Powell -- I've never read Julie Powell, aside from flipping through her most recent book (I think), which is Cleaving, which is what she was promoting on the radio about a year ago.  It's about meat and marriage and love affairs, from what I can gather, and I don't think I was ready to read about such things at this time last year, however I might have been encouraged to by the author mentioning my belt buckle.  That's surely the quickest way to make me interested in another person and the work they do -- by giving me the sense that you think I'm interesting. 

- "Oh, I'm interesting?  Then you must be to!  Let's be friends." 

- Even after thinking this, and typing this, and then thinking about it more to see if it's true ... I'm not sure it's especially wrong to go through life like this.  So long as it's not entirely one-sided, yeah?  You reach out to people because you like them, or think you might like them, and you don't need especially good reasons for doing so.  Because you think you might like what they're about -- because you want to know more, because you think you might like them the more you get to know them -- that seems fair.  Maybe a little self-centered, but what's the center if not the self?  Just don't make the center your all.  /advice.

- If I had an iPad I would buy Julie & Julia right NOW.  This is a message to all of you e-reader manufacturers -- it is in your best interest to supply me with your products.  It will only help us both in the long run.  Like when I bought "Islands in the Stream" on iTunes last week.  Everybody wins!  Especially me and Dolly Parton.


Aneesa said...

This seems to be the only positive review of that movie, or at least the only one that doesn't mention Meryl Streep. I like it. Also, you could probably download the ebook of Julie and Julia from your library (or your old library) RIGHT NOW.

Matthew Jent said...

It's been a while now since I saw it, but I thought it was a good movie. It dealt with writing and relationships with a writer that rung true, and still made a for a good story.

Meryl Streep was fine, but I was easily distracted by the fact that she was ACTING. She was acting well, but she was acting hard.