Friday, August 23, 2013

A Prelude to Michael Caine

Sometimes you take on a new project and you think, this will be a nice way to spend the weekend. We're hangin shelves! And then you do, and you have shelves.

Sometimes you think you'll start a Choose Your Own Adventure-ish blog and it will be finished in six months, but instead you're still writing it (or not-writing it) 5 years later.

Sometimes you know it's going to be a project that will carry on for years and years, and you're content to enjoy the ride.

So Kate says to me the other day, she says: Do you want to watch Michael Caine's filmography in chronological order?

"Yes. Yes I do."
 We established some ground rules. We're starting with his first starring role, in 1964's Zulu, and all of the colonial & prejudiced problems that will go along with watching a 1960s movie about British soldiers killing Africans. Wikipedia is kind enough to report that, "due to the apartheid laws in South Africa, none of the Zulu extras could be paid for their performance. Director Endfield circumvented this by leaving them all the animals, primarily cattle, used in the film; to the Zulu, this was a gift far more valuable than money."


Well, Alfie is only two movies away.

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