Thursday, June 24, 2004

Magnum, Annie D.

Dating someone new? Curious about someone you dated a year ago? Want more information?

Call Annie D!

She's a web-stalker like you've never seen before. Just in her spare time she can find more blogs and embarrassing pictures than you thought possible. But don't take MY word for it:

"Even if you know the person has somewhat of a web presence, I can find MORE than you'd expect there to be."

Oh, really, Anne? But what's your specialty?

"Exes. I can find 'em, and most likely I can find pictures of 'em. Then I can find out who their friends are and where they're hanging out. Wanting me to actually make contact is going to be extra. If the person's last name is Smith, Cooper or Johnson I can't help you."

Fantastic! And just today, in her spare time mind you, she sent me two updates that pertained to my very own self. Maybe she likes helping people, maybe she just doesn't sleep, maybe her own life is lacking that Something Special and she seeks fulfillment in the hidden pasts of others . . . who's to say? We can't hope to understand a mind so far beyond our own!

Mothers, lock up your sons!

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