Saturday, January 24, 2004

Guess What Happened Last Night

I was working *with* the kids from BN, but we were all working in a grocery store together. Like one of those big ones that sells buckets of sand and thing too. Warren Ellis posted on his site that he was now a single man again, having been kicked out of the house the previous day at 1.13pm, and he was now posting from the pub across the street. Amanda Gilley, Nick Gilkison's crush from 2nd Grade, was in a van my family was using to drive to Illinois and back, and she wanted to take an extra pair of shoes. But there wasn't room for her extra pair of shoes, because my dad was bringing an extra pair of shoes. I was riding back with the Fam, but I was a little nervous because I was holding onto the side of the van and surfing along outside for most of the trip back. What made me nervous was that I was surfing along on logs in the swamp, only one of the logs was an alligator, and I couldn't tell which one. My mom liked the record by the Shins and she was asking if anyone else did, and yes Mom, I like it very much, but she couldn't hear me. The rest of the family heard me, as they kept looking-without-looking at me as I said it over and over again, but Mom never acknowledged it.

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