Monday, January 26, 2004

Hobart (up), IN (ya)

The Organic Groove Continuum was out for dinner at the "Steppin' Stone," the kind of restaurant that serves Lots of Meat and has fake wood panelling on the walls. The kind of place with sawdust on the floor, a claw machine that hasn't worked since 1991, and country-fried everything. The Steppin' Stone!

The OGC has a problem. Half of them lives and works in Hobart (pronounced HO-bert, like "beau") and subsequently they find themselves being stared down in mall parking lots, their own driveways, and places like the Steppin' Stone by the locals. Not that everyone in Hobart is a redneck (or "yuks" as we like to call them), but basically, um, everyone in Hobart is a redneck. Yeah.

Anyway, the Steppin' Stone. The OGC are there enjoying a meal of meat and meat when they notice they're being stared down by someone familiar to them. It's not that they actually know this person, but rather that they seem to be an amalgamation of several people from the OGC's past. The face is like Cory Haim's:

But the hair is Newtonsville Hard like Corey Haggard's:

He is therefore dubbed "Cory Hate." He stares down the musically-oriented pair as they eat their vittles, daring them with his eyes to explain why they've entered his territory.

"Whatchew tryin' to do comin' up in my Steppin' Stone? I'll step yer stone, motherfucker, cuz you ARE a motherfucker, bitch."

You ARE a motherfucker, bitch.

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