Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Carol Overall

I admit, I'm not much of a web-sleuth, so if anyone can offer some assistance, I would greatly appreciate it. Once upon a time, Natasia bought a painting at a liqour store. And it was a really awesome painting. And being a kind-hearted soul, Natasia recently (like, five minutes ago) passed it on to me. It's signed by an artist named Carol Overall and I'm trying to dig up some information on her, if there is any to be dug up. I imagine she's just Some Lady, but as I was carrying it up the stairs to my place it occurred to me that she might like to know what happened to her painting, you know? Or, if nothing else, I'd like to be able to tell some sort of Carol Overall story when people ask me about the painting in my living room. It shows an older man playing cards at a table, with an ashtray, pennies, and some cards in front of him. The cards are real cards, the wallpaper behind him is real wallpaper, and there is a whole other painting of some trees hanging on the wall behind him. Here are some pictures:

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Anonymous said...

Matthew ... I've never done any blogging before, but I wanted to let you know that Carol Overall is my mother and the painting you describe (I can't see any of the photos you posted) is of her mother's second husband, George Pullman. Her mother (my grandma) remarried very late in her 70's and was married to this man for only a year or so before she died. They lived together in Oceanside California. After my grandmother's death, George would still travel to Michigan where my mother, Carol, lived to vist yearly. He loved to play cards on his trips, and it was then that my mother painted the picture. He was a very kind man with MANY stories to tell of a rough life.

As for Carol, she still is 72 and lives in Michigan. She still paints and draws. Most of her work is more like primitive paintings and she loves to work in pen and ink. When she retired, she moved into a small studio apartment and no longer had room to store most of her art. I believe she gave that one to my nephew who lived in Tennessee. FYI -- that piece won a couple of different awards in local art shows. I would love to know how it found its way all the way to you -- it sounds like it is back in California where my Grandma and George started off? You can send any thoughts to jayco17a@comcast.net .. I don't check blogs regularly. Enjoy the information.