Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Zombies Are Forever

Dateline: Crawfordsville!

I spent a day and a half in Indiana helping The Knife and Miss Kitten Foy make their zombie movie. I suggested the title "Zombies Are Forever," but it was politely ignored. I also suggested "Zombies Don't Wear Diamonds," which I stole from Jen K's mom, but this was also smiled at and forgotten. These people, they have no vision.

Okay, so they actually have lots and lots of vision. The Knife ran a tight ship, making sure everything was done and taken care of, hanging up pig posters:

Laying down sheets:

And applying makeup:

While The Foy gave instructions to The Cast:

And we got out of the way and let the zombies do what zombies do best. Which is walk into corn.

I also learned that horseplay is not allowed at the Skate Corral. And I had the most meaningful and pleasant conversation I've ever had with a two-year old, while his parents were being zombies under sheets.

We discussed the Army, why we both like ice in our drinks, and how neither of us knew how to roller skate. Such a polite young man.

And the parents! The parents really come through in Crawfordsville. Clothes, skating rinks, graveyards, altars--they know how to deliver, folks. That's quite a support network.

Crawfordsville: A Good Place For Zombies . . .

. . . and A Good Place For Nappin'.

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