Wednesday, July 14, 2004

All Barack, All the Time

Barack Obama, the Democratic Party's candidate for the Senate in Illinois, will deliver the keynote address at the convention, officials announced Wednesday.

Obama, a law professor and state senator, will speak on July 27, the second night of the convention, with Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. Obama will talk about the future of America that a Democratic administration would provide, along with the need to make jobs, families and communities top priorities in the lives of Americans.

"Barack is an optimistic voice for America and a leader who knows that together we can build an America that is stronger at home and respected in the world," Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said in a statement.

(If you want to read the whole article, you can swing by BugMeNot for a password.)

(And if you'r in Illinois, make sure you get out to vote for Obama in November--he was going to stomp Ryan no question, but there's always the chance someone like Ditka could pull in a novelty vote. He's not Arnold, but still. Having Obama in the U.S. Senate would be a good, good thing.)

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