Friday, July 30, 2004

Real Quick Like

You remember Annie, don't you? Of course you do. She's putting a zine together, called Real Quick Like. The first issue's topic is "Last to See Them Alive" and she's putting out the call for submissions. 3,000 words, the deadline is September 1st, and you can interpret the theme in as many ways as you see fit. The official information is below--submit something, already.

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Real Quick Like

Topic: Last to see them alive.

Ready and go.  Procrastination is not your friend, dear writer. One month. You write ‘em, we want ‘em. From the gut. Stories, poetry, essays, fiction or non. Let the topic inspire you, and then send it on.
No time for writer’s block. We are looking for original, unpublished work from writers of all shapes and sizes, deadline September 1. Adhere to the date, stick to the topic, keep it under 3,000 words and all other rules be damned.

No, you will not be paid. Not just yet. But you will see your work in print alongside other talented writers and distributed to every web ring, zine shop and department store bathroom from Jersey to Sausalito.

Please send submissions and questions electronically to with your name and contact information. Published work for first publication rights only. Accepted work will be compiled into a real pretty-like journal, with funds determining whether pretty means tri-color glossy or stapled together on neon green copy paper. Winners will receive one complimentary copy.

No excuses! Submission is free, with no limit to the number of pieces you can submit. Now go make your mama proud.

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