Monday, July 19, 2004

Things I Learned in College: Semester Wrap-Up

"None of you's been in space here, have you?"

"You think DRUGS are expensive? Ha! Get yourself a meteor!"

"If they had changed direction I would have had to evacuate--I loaded up their fancy Indian artwork in the van, and I would have had to move the animals I and I was NOT looking forward to THAT. I am not, obviously, a mule person."

"Scratch to your heart's content, you won't be able to scratch my quartz."

"So, it's slippery, it's really soft and slippery."

"Minerals have sexy properties."

"I'm sick. I'm sick and single."

"Of course, it's an INDUSTRIAL diamond--no one's gonna get engaged to me with THIS--of course, no one's probably EVER gonna get engaged to me."

"Something happens . . . down there. Something has to crack."

"Life is nuts. Hopefully, I just pleased my boss."

"When you see the WAVES on the GROUND . . . you know you're in . . . deep doo-doo."

"Just shake a little bit. Move a little bit, and you won't shake apart."

"60 people dying is nothing out of five million. Obviously, it's bad for those people . . . but imagine if it had been somewhere like Iran . . . and I'm not jamming on anybody from Iran, but . . ."

"Is that gonna make you go, 'I'm selling my house, I'm moving to Montana'? No. You're not going to do that. Unless you already wanted to move to Montana."

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