Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Killing Me Softly With Your Handsome Head

I'm a big politics nerd, but I admit my interest has waned sharply these past few months. I was all aboard the DEAN Train last winter and early spring, but since Kerry took over I've been shuffling my toe in the dirt and saying, "Well, yeah, okay, I guess so."

But these debates have really gotten pretty hopeful. I voted Gore last time around, but even then I had a funny feeling things weren't going to work out. I had the same feeling through this summer, but after Kerry last week and Edwards tonight I'm starting to feel hopeful. I missed the Edwards-Cheney debate, what with school and all, but from what I'm hearing Edwards mopped up. Then again, I'm checking places like Atrios and DailyKos--they're fair, but they're also openly Kerry-Edwards supporter. I hope the polls reflect the same and Kerry keeps climbing.

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