Monday, October 11, 2004

Shockin' Y'all

FBI Seizes Global Indymedia Servers: Reason Unknown

"Indymedia has learned that the request to seize Indymedia servers hosted by a US company in the UK originated from government agencies in Italy and Switzerland. More than 20 Indymedia sites, several internet radio streams and other projects were hosted on the servers. They were taken offline on October 7th after an order was issued to Rackspace, Inc., one of Indymedia's web hosting providers.

"By taking down 2 servers more than 20 Indymedia sites were affected in different countries globally as well as several unrelated projects. Indymedia considers this extremely invasive operation a a serious threat to the Freedom of Speech worldwide."

I found it on Warren's site with a link to the BBC. I searched for the story on Yahoo News and came up with a link to the BBC story--I guess it's not a very big story here in the U.S. Huh.

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