Tuesday, October 05, 2004

There Are Many Kinds of Crushes

CLASS CRUSH--on that girl in my class. She sat across from me that first day and I caught her looking at me and she caught me looking at her. Our teacher said we had to have study partners that we would trade contact information with. I figured when he said it was time, when he said it was time to choose, when he said it was time to choose our study partners I would look up at her and she would look up at me and we would be partners and we would date and we would kiss and we would make babies and we would fall in love. Our teacher said it was time. I looked up at her and she looked up at the boy next to her, so I looked up at the girl next to me, and that's who my study partner is.

Sometimes we still look at each other, the crush girl and I, but she always leaves very fast and I always have many things to put away.

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