Tuesday, August 17, 2010

12. Insanity

Originally posted May 9, 2008.

The last of the re-posts.

And then Laura said, it's as simple as this: girls are crazy and boys are dumb.

(Almost two years later, when I have repeated this for the hundredth time, Ryan will say: that's the basis of like every stand-up routine ever. But I guess it's true.)

And then Adam said: I tend to date girls who can hide their crazy for about six months. And I always think, oh, this is the most normal, stable relationship I've ever had. And then -- bam!

(But it must be mentioned: by all accounts ((and by all I suppose I mean the accounts of my own two eyeballs)), Adam IS in the most stable, capable and loving relationship I've been witness to in modern times. So when he speaks on this, while he may speak from experience, it is also from a safe distance.)

And then Ben said: Well, the thing is, I don't tend to make … good impressions.

(And then he handily beat us all at basketball. He even took the ball home with him.)

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