Saturday, March 13, 2004

Sometimes I Remember I'm On The Interweb

There are six or seven people who stop by this blog on any given day, and every once in awhile it hits me that I really only know who three of them are. Once or a week or so I check in on my stat counter because I get to see how many people visited the site on any given days, how many return visitors there were, that sort of thing. And it's fun to try to decipher who's been looking by the information I have. That lady from Columbus, for example. I can also see when people found the site from googling something. Meredith has found that folks looking for Bachelor Bob porn seem to be drawn to her site, for example; Annie had some weird Boudi-stalker checking out her blog several times.

Me, I just stuff like "juggernaut pictures." Unfortunately for them, I don't think there pictures of any actual juggernauts on the site--the site IS the juggernaut, kids. You're looking at the fun! Once, I posted to an Achewood strip that had the punchline, "It's homosexuals!" I used that as my headline, and someone found the site by searching for "homosexuals" on Google. Today I noticed someone found me via the San Valentino & the Melancholy Kid post I did last weekend. But! I also saw that someone found the site by searching for my name. It's just one of those weird things that makes you realize more than just the two people who post comments are reading this jazz.

I'm an internet phenomenon! Say hello when you stop by, kids!

P.S. Does everybody know who Pitfall Harry is?

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