Thursday, March 11, 2004

This is the story . . .

(From March 10th)

Riding the train to see John Kerry, I was already making excuses. Sure, I had a hot and sexy affair with Howard Dean; but he couldn't go the distance, and our love was not enough to hold us together when society wanted to tear us apart. So there I was, on my way to a first date with a new candidate (the kind of date Howard never took me on, let me tell you--he exhausted himself long before the primaries brought him to Illinois).

I remember watching the first season of the Real Word in 1992/3, and two things really stand out for me: one, I wanted a sport jacket like Andre wore, and two, watching the Real Worlders attend a Harry Brown rally. They made signs, bundled up for a day in the cold, and went out to support the candidate they believed would change Washington and take back the White House from a 1-term Republican Bush.

The episode aired long after the primary season was over, maybe even after the general election itself. Either way, Bill Clinton was already riding high, swatting aside rumors of infidelity, and giving the finger to Bush and Perot both. I remember wondering what it was like for the Real World kids to have supported a candidate so fervently only to see him pushed aside. I was glad I had signed up for the Winning Team already, thanks to the election coverage brought to my homeroom by the informative folks over at Channel One. But what about the Brown people? Did they just switch gears and fall in line behind Clinton, in the hopes that he could take on Bush? Or did his most ardent supporters lose interest in the election and stay home in November? What about their first love? What about Howard De--um, that is, Harry Brown?

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