Saturday, April 24, 2004

24 Hour Video

In the midst of a video project. I couldn't tell you the name of the group putting it on, but the way it worked was this: our group (being the Chupacabras, of course) showed up at the fine Chicago coffee shop Atomix at 8pm last night and received a topic. The topic was a question: "How do I deal with incredibly annoying people?" Our project was then to run off, put together a video of three minutes or less that answered the question, and turn the video in at Atomix by 5pm the following day.

Team Chupacabra convened at Jill's apartment to film. We brainstormed for a half an hour or so to come with an idea, and by 9.30 or so we were ready to start filming. Eric directed and Jill and I did most of the on-camera stuff--but Natasia, Shifty, Abbie, and Eric all helped out. We finished filming and laying down the extra audio (full details to come) and went were ready to start the editing by 3AM.

That's Jill and Natasia editing around 4AM. We got the video roughly edited by 6.30 and brains were starting to fizzle (or had long since fizzled) due to lack of sleep and too much wine, so we broke for a nap break. We reconvened around noon to finish the audio and to trim the extra bits from the video to bring it down to three minutes exactly. We had about 25 minutes of footage, so we had plenty to work with.

The video should be in the grubby hands of the Atomix folks by now, and the screening is at 8PM tonight. Full details of the most uncomfortable moments of the shooting will assuredly follow. For now, I need a cheese sandwich.

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