Thursday, April 22, 2004

Phil, You Sonofabitch.

Your humble host got ZIRKED. Awwww, damn.

No loss of bladder control, but my distrustful nature had me trying to sort out who would play that sort of trick on me. I suspected Meredith, because she is spiteful and because the Zirk is funny, but never would I have figured it was . . . Morehart! I said that in a fake-whisper as I clenched my fist in the air.

Phil--is your number still the same as when you first moved? Because mine sure isn't. Let me know what's shakin, and if you're free Friday night you can get in on this video project I'm working on. It's not glamorous, but it should be fun.

(It was all the exclamation points that sold me.)

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