Thursday, April 08, 2004

Rice Shrugs Shoulders, Says "WhatEv"

Do they even know *how* to win? Rice says "there was no silver bullet that could have prevented" the attacks on September 11, and of course there wasn't, but the tone of her testimony, and of the administration's entire attitude toward September 11, Iraq, and Everything is that They Are Never Wrong. From Yahoo News:

Rice offered no apology for the failure to prevent the attacks — as Clarke did two weeks ago. Instead, she said, "as an officer of government on duty that day, I will never forget the sorrow and the anger I felt."

And also: 'Bush, she said, "understood the threat, and he understood its importance," she said. "He made clear to me that he did not want to respond to al-Qaida one attack at a time. He told me he was 'tired of swatting flies'," Rice told the commission.'

Then you guys fucked up. She's saying that they understood the situation, they understood what needed to be done, and they were on the lookout for al-Qaida attacks in the United States.

Further: 'Rice read some of the "chatter" that the United States picked up during the spring and summer that raised alarms about a possible attack: "Unbelievable news in coming weeks." "Big event ... there will be a very, very, very, very big uproar." "There will be attacks in the near future."'

Then you guys FUCKED IT UP. If everything was in place and the Bush administration knew of the danger and knew to be on the lookout, and it still happened on their watch, then they screwed the pooch. And to not even apologize for fucking it up, to in fact go out of their way not to apologize following Clarke's apology, is nothing but giving the finger to the entire country, especially the friends and relatives of the people who died. They refuse to admit failure and they refuse to admit fallibility and they fucked it up. It happened on their watch and someday someone is going to have to admit that.

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