Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Fellow Travellers

MATT: Do you have strong feelings for any of the Coreys?

BETSY: um.

BETSY: i used to like corey haim when i was 10

MATT: I'm blogging on the Coreys all day long. Feel free to contribute if you wish.

BETSY: huh?

MATT: I think it would really be good for you.

BETSY: christ. do you have a livejournal too?

MATT: Stop yapping so much and go look.

BETSY: wow.

BETSY: heather graham wasnt in lost boys

MATT: She was in License to Drive. I'm throwing curveballs atcha.

BETSY: right.. but you make it sound like she was in lost boys

MATT: Haim wasn't a Frog Brother either. You have to know your Coreys if you're going to keep up today.

BETSY: christ. dude chris burke is not a corey. dumbass

MATT: oh, forget it.

BETSY: im confused.. what should i do here?

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