Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I Don't Know What Googlism Is

But they sure know a lot about the Coreys. Once again, from Annie:

corey haim is raising your adrenalin
corey haim is one of the few juvenile performers to thrive in wacky comedy roles
corey haim is gay
corey haim is back together
corey haim is being sued for allegedly not disclosing he had been hooked on drugs and alcohol since the age of 15
corey haim is that he was in a sega cd video game called "double switch
corey haim is still hanging in there
corey haim is the younger brother who joins forces with a brash and outspoken vampire hunter
corey haim is actually quite good as marty
corey feldman is pretty sure he knows what you think of him
corey feldman is my man
corey feldman is cresting on his angry young man
corey feldman is there just
corey feldman is still the better corey
corey feldman is just one
corey feldman is going to someday be a talent to be reckoned
corey feldman is cute
corey feldman is sooooooooooo sickening
corey feldman is still alive
orey feldman is 31
corey feldman is bringing together all his fellow former child stars for a "we are the world"
corey feldman is also a writer
corey hart is moving your corpuscles
corey hart is not complaining
corey hart is lying on the bathroom floor with the door closed
corey hart is hot pt
corey hart is a good sleeper
corey hart is still singing it
corey hart is clearly one given to writing about affairs of the heart
my friend corey is okay
my friend corey is drop dead bored

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