Sunday, August 15, 2004

Wizard World Chicago 2004

Ah, the comic show! I'm not even sure what part of this picture is my favorite. I do, however, know that to every single one of these shows I have ever gone to . . .

. . . a blurry Lou Ferrigno was not far behind. And at this particular show,

neither was the Beastmaster, Marc Singer, pulling up his drawers and calling all the ladies "honey." Also in attendance:

The Knife! And she's much more accomplished at capturing the photographic essence of things than I. For example:

No greater picture has ever been taken.

His magazine says "Boob Club 2000." No kidding--the zoom on her camera is the best.

Where else can you watch a man in a flowery mom-dress haggle over Silver Age comics?

Sadly, the man in the Scarlet Spider outfit with the huge ballsack escaped our efforts to photograph him. I did, however, snag a really swell James Kochalka painting, and a copy of the first Fantagraphics PEANUTS collection for fifteen bucks. I spent too much money on a lot of stuff that was really cool, and wow, that sounds like a fifth grader's summer vacation report, doesn't it? Well, so be it!

Farewell, Wizard World Chicago. Until next summer, I remain your faithful correspondent . . . Staying Handsome in a Heavenly Light . . .

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