Thursday, August 26, 2004

Oh! What A Day

Well boys, what more can be said? It's been a big day for us all. We learned a lot about life, we learned a little about love, we learned some about Corey. Corey is raw and rugged, he's sexy and he's addicted, and if he lives to see 30 then he should know that his glory days are behind him. We know in our heart of hearts that Corey will only hurt us in the end, but egads, who can say no to the trip he offers us? Not I, friend. And I bet you can't, either.

You're ramblin' men, my Coreys, and perhaps it is not meant for mere mortals to understand you. We can only bask in your glory for a short while, once a year perhaps, when we set aside all other responsibilities and ponder on what makes a Corey and why we love you so. So good-night, sweet princes, and may you have many adventures, may you love many women, and may you fuck up as much shit as possible!

This has been the Unstoppable Juggernaut of Corey, 2004. I remain your faithful servant, a Corey at heart if not in name,


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